The importance of a data driven culture is paramount to succeeding among smart competition.


Perform Inspections and Track Documentation, Handovers, Certification, Punches, Equipment, Technical Queries, Site Queries, MOC’s… Accord does it all.


Inspections, Items, Equipment, Documents, Handovers, Workpacks, Punches….

You name it, we store and track it, fully audited inspections, punches, handover certification, ATEX and alot more! Did someone say AI?

Accord uses the latest technology and that mean’s we’ve integrated AI, Ask AI about your data: “how many inspections done today”

Take a look at the companies we have worked with, we provide solutions for a range of businesses from SME to Enterprise.

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Features that make us standout!

Accord is rich in features and functionality take a look below at some of our features.

Secure Data

Accord provides full encryption front to back with multiple levels of security.

Fully Functional

Built with the latest technology and fully functional.

Live Chat

Need help? Accord provides built-in live real-time communications.

24/7 Support

24-7/365 support, we aim to respond within hours not days!.

Track the progress of everything and anything!

Track the progress of your project however you prefer. Accord is extremely dynamic allowing your users to generate there own custom reports as well as having a standard set for all users to see and collaborate on.

Charts/Graph Types
Data Points
Inspections Completed
Project Savings
Get On Board

Beautiful design with 

modern UI

Every 2 years we re-develop Accord in the latest technology so you’re always ahead of the competition.

Carefully designed
We work directly with our clients to constantly improve and provide the best user experience possible..

Seamless Sync
Use Accord across all of your devices; mobile, tablet, and desktop with our seamless sync technology.

Anytime, Anywhere
Accord utilizes cloud technology to provide a seamless experience anywhere in the world.

How it works – 3 easy steps 

You can have your project up and running within minutes in just 3 simple steps.

Step 1.

Download App or use the Web App
Download the App or use the Website application

Step 2.

Create account
NO hidden costs.
Sign up to create your account. One account for all devices.

Step 3.

Choose a Subscription
We offer 3 subscription tiers.
Choose the subscription that best suits your project, the more items you track the bigger discount you get!

Upto 30% discount.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

See some of our frequently asked questions below, if you have any other questions feel free to drop us a message!

There’s a minimum of 1 month subscription with every new account, if you would like a demonstration feel free to drop us a email or give us a call!.

Setting up an account is easy! Simply head over to the Register page to start the process, it only takes a few minutes and you’ll be up and running!

Certainly! We know the struggles of setting up a new system and exporting your data once you’re finished so we made it super simple. Every module has it’s own dedicated import and export section. We also provide a full project export service upon completion of your project!
We’ve spent time integrating AI into Accord giving you the option of utilising AI to run reports on your data. Simply sign up to OpenAI and grab your API key, head over to the “Ask AI” section within Accord and allocate your API key, that’s it! Ask AI anything to do with your project and data and get a response within seconds.
Of course not, Accord provides the ability to create and manage your own User Roles. This means you decide what you and your team see’s and uses within Accord.

Latest News

Take a look at our Blog to see what is going on at FNVI.

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