FNVi / Kraken CFIHOS Initiative.

FNVi and Kraken’s joint collaboration effort to integrate the CFIHOS initiative within the FNVi Accord application to create a CFIHOS drive class and form/activity library. The initiative has provided a fully established project inception equipment/tag attribute and form class library for all provided CFIHOS data.

FNVi Ltd has built integration tools to allow the CFIHOS initiative data to be imported directly into the FNVi Accord system, this allows FNVi to keep the project up-to-date with the latest CFIHOS version.

The image on the right shows the CFIHOS class library full integrated into the FNVi Accord system with full class list and work-map procedure.

Full CFIHOS class properties are easily accessible and viewable inside the Accord friendly UI. We have also provided a number of tabs to incorporate required documents, class to form and class to activities.

CFIHOS class library has been full integrated into the FNVi Accord application to allow for full class to forms mapping. This allows us to provide new projects with full real-time forms/activities to equipment/tags.

FNVi Accord system has over 11,000 unique activities readily available for the creation of unique forms to CFIHOS class mapping.