Company Profile

FNVi delivering Innovative Digital Workflow & Data Management Software, turning Data into business intelligence and harnessing knowledge that has impact. Accord is a next Generation Digital Workflow, Logistics & Project Management system that brings together all aspects of enhanced workflow management, offering Real Intelligence for engineering excellence. The Project Delivery Management Software provides features to effectively assign, plan and execute work to maintain resource and asset integrity. It enables companies to efficiently bring new facilities on-stream faster and optimise their data management for a higher return on investment, resulting in cost savings in excess of 25% of anticipated project personnel spend. Used by both owner/operators and contractors alike to effectively monitor, manage and control a plethora of project data and drawings from any location. Infinitely customisable dashboard views to facilitate, plan and share work in a coordinated manner.

Our system is profile and job function driven. The system knows who you are, your job function, area of responsibility and your work focus. 36% of organisations do not have the tools to extract information from their data. FNVi Accord does this for you, we track the tasks not the paper, increasing efficiency and ROI. Our cutting edge disruptive technology dramatically improves project visibility and communications to all project team members throughout the full project cycle, allowing easy exchange of information whilst integrating with any commercial ERP software systems on the market such as SAP, Maximo, Dynamics etc.


FNVi was created seven years ago as an associate to a previously existing Management, Commissioning and Testing company, it is now fully independent. The sole reason for forming the company was to create sophisticated Digital Software Workflow & Data Management systems to enable better management of Projects and Logistics in an innovative manner.

The Accord system changes how projects are managed. It is now possible with the use of Accord to manage an infinite amount of data in real-time, using a single instance of an infinite database, whilst having an unlimited number of concurrent users accessing the system in several different languages and on any manufacture of communications device.

Our Core Values

We are a ethical and transparent company.  We are supportive towards all of our stakeholders and a positive attitude is something that is vital to us when looking at new team members.  Some of our core values are below:

  • People Over Profits

  • Constantly Strive for Quality

  • Stay 3 Steps Ahead

  • Be Human, Be Honest

  • Work Smart

  • Always Be Available

  • Work With You

  • Be The Best

  • Transparent Financials

  • Always an Honest Answer