The importance of a data driven culture is paramount to succeeding among smart competition.

Inspections, Items, Equipment, Documents, Handovers, Workpacks, Punches….

You name it, we store and track it, fully audited inspections, punches, handover certification, ATEX and alot more! Did someone say AI?

Accord uses the latest technology and that mean’s we’ve integrated AI, Ask AI about your data: “how many inspections done today”

Project Completion Software For The Water Industry

Project completion software tailored to the water industry plays a crucial role in managing water-related projects, ensuring efficient operations, regulatory compliance, and successful project outcomes. Here are important elements to consider for such software:

Asset Management: Effective management of water infrastructure assets, such as pipelines, treatment plants, and reservoirs, is essential. The software should offer tools for asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, and lifecycle management.
Maintenance Planning: The software should enable proactive maintenance planning by scheduling regular inspections, repairs, and servicing of water facilities. It should also provide alerts for preventive maintenance based on asset conditions.
Regulatory Compliance: The water industry is heavily regulated. The software should help ensure compliance with environmental, safety, and quality regulations by providing features to track and report on compliance activities.
Water Quality Monitoring: For water treatment projects, the software should integrate with monitoring systems to track water quality parameters in real time. It should generate alerts if water quality falls below acceptable standards.
GIS Integration: Geographic Information System (GIS) integration can provide a spatial view of water infrastructure, helping in better decision-making, planning, and asset management.
Workforce Management: Efficiently manage field teams and resources involved in water projects. The software should assist in scheduling, dispatching, and tracking the progress of field tasks.
Data Analytics: The software should offer advanced analytics capabilities to analyze water usage patterns, identify trends, and optimise resource allocation. This can aid in water conservation efforts.
Project Cost Tracking: Effective cost tracking is crucial for water projects. The software should help in budgeting, expense tracking, and reporting to ensure projects stay within budget.
Emergency Response Planning: Water-related emergencies, such as leaks or contamination incidents, require quick response. The software should support emergency planning, communication, and coordination among stakeholders.
Permitting and Approvals: Facilitate the management of permits, approvals, and regulatory documentation required for water-related projects. The software should track permit status, deadlines, and submission requirements.
Document Management: Store and manage documentation related to water projects, including plans, schematics, reports, and compliance documents. Easy access to accurate documentation is essential for project success.
Collaboration and Communication: Enable seamless communication and collaboration among project teams, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies. The software should provide tools for sharing information, updates, and progress reports.
Mobile Accessibility: A mobile-friendly interface or dedicated app can allow field personnel to access project information, update data, and communicate while on-site.
Integration with SCADA Systems: For water treatment and distribution, integration with SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems allows for real-time monitoring and control of water processes.
Security and Data Privacy: Given the sensitive nature of water infrastructure, the software should prioritise data security and privacy, including encryption, access controls, and secure data storage.
Training and Support: Comprehensive training resources and responsive customer support are important for users to effectively utilise the software.

By incorporating these elements, project completion software can contribute to efficient water management, improved water quality, and successful implementation of projects within the water industry.


Bringing order to the chaos that is caused by using paper based systems.

Provide a simple and easy to use application opposed to over complicated paper chasing systems.

Allow you to follow the work that is being completed and not to just follow the paper work.

The need to replace old-fashioned paper-based data collection in the field is obvious, but current solutions do not always meet client expectations. Our goal is to exceed expectations by providing groundbreaking products. We exponentially enhance the value of data accumulated by any organisation.

We will track the actual tasks and activities in real time, instead of tracking hard copy certificates, a practice carried forward since our grandfathers were just boys.

The industry is experiencing an explosion of exciting new technologies, which only a few short years ago, would have been classified as science fiction. It’s an exciting time and we have something fantastic, we can quite literally put the power in your hands.

We are ready when you are – system can be project ready as fast as you can

Our system is infinitely scalable and unlike other systems we can be project ready in days not months.

FNVi can integrate with your ERP systems, including Sap, Maximo and Dynamics. We can populate your work/inspection list via an automatic import of work orders from your ERP and Engineering lists. We are one of the selected companies to be active and work with CHIFOS and be fully compliant.

Training is easily performed remotely online with 24/7 technical support available throughout the full cycle of your project.

FNVi provides you, the customer, with the opportunity to reduce the majority of your back office support functions.

The system anticipates project success or failure in advance and delivers real time information, work and inspection updates, to the right place at the right time, resulting in increased productivity at the work face.

Our System Is Profile & Job Function Driven.

There are so many benefits from using FNVI Accord.  We have listed 12 key points here.  Although the major USP’s would include the fact we DO NOT charge the client for the amount of users who access the system.  Accord is also the only Multi Lingual solution available today.  We will Customise your reports and NOT charge you extra.  Which is also a unique offering in our industry.

Accord CAN also be integrated into other systems like:

            • SAP
            • P6
            • Primavera
            • Maximo (AMS, ERP)

Taking hours to set up, Accord is the only system of its kind to be able to forecast success or failure of a project.


No Stealth Costs

Save 15%- 20% Of Project Costs

Works On Any Chrome Compatible Device

Unlimited Users (No Charge)

Covers All Phases Of
Any Project

Unlimited Project Size

Only Multi Lingual Solution

Works Online & Offline

No Charges For Customised Reports

Integration Into Mainstream Software Packages

Establishment Takes Hours Not Days/Months

Only System Capable Of Forecasting Success Or Failure